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Before you know it, the new year is upon us. New budgets, new projects, new initiatives, new headaches. And, without fail, the best laid plans tend to go awry. That new building with new exhibits that was supposed to be ready to open on February 1st is now delayed until mid-March. And you have exhausted all options to stick with the original date.

Sound familiar? That delay has a large ripple effect. You had set in motion all the elements to make the most of the new, modern, and showcase exhibit. You made it the centerpiece of your first quarter marketing and member outreach. You had pulled the trigger on printing new maps to make sure that guests could find and experience the wonder of the new attraction. You had built in increased guest visits directly due to the grand opening.


Attractions can take full advantage of holiday gift giving with Aratag, a fully-integrated branded turnkey content management system tailored to attractions in a hand-held app that tells your unique story and connects with your guests.

How to recover.

Your first priority is to stop anything and everything that you can to shift the timing to the new opening date. Printed materials tend to have a long lead time so get with your provider ASAP to see what your options are. Can you push back the delivery date? More importantly, can you correct the content to the adjusted timing? Maybe apply a sticker to cover up the obsolete dates. Do the same thing with your advertising plans to align with the new schedule and modify the messaging accordingly.

Will these actions offset the slippage in timing? Partially. Will you be able to recover any sunk costs that you could not stop or delay? Likely some but not all. Can you boost second-quarter visits to make up for the loss of your plan for grand opening? Maybe.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Some things relating to big project delays are out of your control. That’s true.

You can put yourself in a much better position if you adopt the Aratag app. Those timing shifts and delivery misses (which happen every year) can be accommodated with ease since all content is dynamically managed to go live exactly when you are ready. No waste, no guest dissatisfaction, no change to your expenses, and nothing to throw away.

The Aratag app is a software-as-a-service platform to showcase your attraction how and when you choose. Grand openings, renovations, new animals or species, new collections, new rides, new food, or beverage offerings. All those enhancements that make your attraction more appealing are brought to life via engaging content that informs and entertains your guests.

Making you look good.

Most attractions do not have the talent or resources on staff to deal with and get the most out of guest engagement and satisfaction. Or the team you do have is fully committed to other initiatives or priorities.

We specialize in being that talented and responsive resource that is an extension of your team. Our passion is to be (and stay) connected so that we tell your unique story via your branded mobile app in a distinctive manner. You are always in total control as your new news (whenever you are ready to go) is prepared for your review and approval. Then it goes live immediately so that your attraction can shine.

It’s easy, flexible, and dynamic.

We have built the Aratag app to help your guests get the most out of their visit to your attraction. With customized and engaging maps, hours, directions, featured attractions, shows, food and beverage options, your guests will stay longer AND thoroughly enjoy their time with you. Plus, you can invite guests to “opt in” to your marketing list so you can notify them of coming special attractions or send them offers or discounts for repeat visits.

Tell your story in a compelling and memorable way!

Want to learn more about delighting your guests with the Aratag app?

Holiday guests who use the Aratag app to get the most out of their visit will return to your attraction again. And they will tell their friends about how enjoyable their visit was. We do all the work to get you started and keep you going. We customize the app with your logo and brand standards PLUS the content that your visitors want and need. Easy for you to feature and manage all the content since we handle that for you in a dynamic manner.

Take the first step to a superior guest visit to your attraction today.

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