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Give Visitors a Richer, Enchanced Experience

Give your visitors just the information they need, when they need it and where they need it – in a responsive design on their mobile devices.

Custom content

Using text, images, video and audio, deliver an enhanced and more enriching visitor experience.

Locations & Directions

Visitors can view their current location, find directions to exhibits and restrooms, explore food and beverage options, and more.

Updates & Notifications

Quick shortcuts for events, shows and announcements via hotspots help visitors make the most out of their visit.

Help Visitors Find Key Features of Your Facility

In the Aratag app you can create points of interest (POI) with content, images, audio and video. Define POIs on your facility premises, in exhibits, and on maps. 

Users can save and view their favorite POIs in the app. Create and manage events – and display specific events to defined user groups.

Post Visit Content Updates

With Aratag you can send a variety of timely updates to encourage greater participation and engagement with your attractions and activities during and after their visit.

Event Alert

App users can be notified of events times, e.g. 15 minutes before events/shows begin.

Near You Now

Alert visitors to the closest points of interest near them so they don’t miss a thing.

After Visit Alerts

Notify visitors of online live updates or future upcoming events to keep them coming back

Exposure on Worldwide Aratag Network

Become a part of our growing worldwide tourism network with Aratag.

Complete Data Visibility

Use our data to:

View heat mapping of visitor flows and real-time visitor distribution to learn where visitors are spending their time and which exhibits are most popular.

Collect data about individual and general user habits and interactions. 

Collect and analyze feedback from users to make improvements and new offers. 

Collect information on users, including name, age, gender, contact information for future communication and offers.

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