Everything In One Place!​

Add an entirely new dimension to your visit with the Aratag app. ​

For zoos, aquariums, museums, parks, and other tourist attractions.​

Easy to Maintain and Update​

Our combination of robust content management system integrated into a user-driven application lets you easily  modify or add content for your guests. 

This provides a dynamic, relevant and timely digital experience of your attraction to your guests, enhancing their experience before, during and after their visit.

Content Features​

Deliver more than text descriptions – Aratag can deliver multimedia presentations in multiple languages. Imagine narration, videos and expanded content at your visitors’ fingertips, for enhanced education and entertainment throughout your attraction.​

Content Customized by Venue​

Aratag is happy to help you customize your content. We can help you:​

Navigate easily​

Visitors will never get lost with Aratag! ​ By knowing their exact position on the map, they can easily navigate within the park/event or attraction.​

Never miss a thing!​

When visitors use Aratag they will never miss an exciting attraction, animal feeding time, or favorite activity at your venue. ​

Locations & directions are easy with Aratag​

Visitors using the Aratag app can view their current location on maps, find directions to exhibits and restrooms, explore food and beverage options, and much more.​


Aratag is YOUR Content Partner

Aratag will help you provide your visitors the right information, in the right place, at the right time. For instance, as visitors approach the lion exhibit at a zoo, the Aratag app automatically displays information about the lions on their smart devices. Content can be custom-designed using text, images, video and audio to deliver an enhanced and more enriching visitor experience.​


We are excited to help you increase your visitor engagement.​
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