Our Team

Jan Møller


Clayton Rauscher

Agent Midt West US

Maria Eugenia Martinez Arizmendi

Agent Central America, South America & Mexico

Josh Snoddy

Agent Northwest US & Canada

Josh is an Irishman living in Vancouver. He has been involved in business development for most of his working career! He thrives on challenges and is always looking for an opportunity to do better.
Jay Tracy

Agent Southeast US

Jay has spent more than 30 years in the Zoo and Aquarium industry. He has experience in animal training, husbandry, management, operations, as well as exhibit and facility design. He is a past member of AZA, AMMPA, IMATA, served as board member of ABMA, and is a current member of ZAA.
Anthony Mark Carter

Agent Africa

Anthony Carter is a businessman based in KZN. South Africa. He excelled in the Amusement industry with projects ranging from the USA to the home shores of South Africa and is part of the leading Aquatic leaders and manufacturers together with his partner Brett Raymer (TANKED) and now partners with Pangea Rocks and, ARATAG.
Fikile Hlatshwayo

Agent Africa

Fikile is a seasoned motivational speaker and a renowned businesswoman and a developmental and social activist who is very passionate about transformation, leadership exellence and woman/youth empowerment.
Asbjørn Ejlersen

Agent Southeast US

Asbjørn has been working for the last 35 years in the Danish zoo industry. Asbjørn has been working 10 years as a keeper and 18 years as a curator. Education of keepers and information to the visitors has always been the main topic in his work. He has been a teacher at the school for animal keeping in Denmark
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