Our Audiences​

Who Aratag Is For​

Our Audiences

With the power of Aratag’s underlying system, zoos, aquariums, museums, and other tourist attractions can craft customized, site-specific app content for their visitors to increase engagement and grow their revenue.

Visitors download Aratag directly to their devices to receive real-time, geolocated content to expand and enhance their experience.

Visitors can access videos & additional information about the animals on Aratag after they leave the zoo, keeping them engaged.​
While using Aratag, visitors can identify room and exhibit locations via beacon technology, making it easy for visitors to navigate the exhibit.
Your visitors will never get lost! Exploring the park with outdoor GPS mapping on Aratag makes it a better experience for your visitors. ​
Theme Park
Visitors can get opening hours, ticket prices, tickets, discounts and other offers on Aratag.
Other Attractions/Venues
Visitors can receive event updates,​announcements, news & exclusive videos on Aratag.

Who Aratag Is For

Our Customers

Who Aratag Is For


We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by the product we carry.

Great partnerships, happy customers & visitors is what we aim for.

"I have been making the content for Varde Miniby - I found it very simple to update it. Without having any computer background I could produce videos and provide maps. I'm still surprised of how easy and fast it is to maintain our profile on the Aratag app.​ ​"
Mia Linding Møller​
Content Manager​ Varde Miniby, Denmark​
"Aratag provided us with a deeper understanding of our visitors' needs. It inspired and helped our aquarium to create more graphical information about our points of interest and to attract more attention from our visitors.​"
Vanessa Gibbs​
Marketing Manager​
"Aratag helped me to introduce my kids to wild animals during our Land Rover safari across the African savannah in Ree Park. I was surprised how easy it was to use. Great learning tool for kids - filled with informative graphics and video information. Nice tool while traveling with our family.​"
Elaine Sutton​
Traveling through North Europe​

We are excited to help you increase engagement!​

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