How We Work Together

How We Work Together

How Aratag Can Help You

Our turnkey content management system was designed to help your bottom line as much as it was designed to improve visitor engagement. ​

Improve Visitor ​ Experience​

Great experiences make great memories. We’ll help you generate dynamic new content, exciting offers and other updates for before during and after their visit.​

Creating​ More Value​

We’ll use ongoing data collection to better understand your customers, guiding your content and offers for maximum relevance. They will love you more for it. ​

Increase Your Revenue​

Better experiences in a venue leads to a higher spend. More engaged visitors want more now and later – helping generate repeat visits and great testimonials. ​

Reduce ​ Manual Work​

With our easy to use control panel, Aratag makes it easy to focus on your visitors. Best of all, our simple interface ensures you won’t have to hire a whole support team to keep content up to date.


Give your visitors just the information they need, when and where they need it.

Sign up today – we’ll take care of the rest.

Aratag​ BASIC​

  • First 3 months for setting up and introduction.​
  • Free content creation of 50 POI (2 languages)*.​
  • 2 Pull-up banners - translation available​
  • App & CMS feature updates​
  • Dashboard Access​
  • Video Tutorials & Help Centre​
  • 1 year license with a basic 250.000 downloads​
  • Analytics​
  • Promotional material [stickers & digital content]​
  • 20 Beacons (if needed)​


  • Everything in basic +​
  • Unlimited POI (4 languages)​
  • Personalized promo content​
  • Full turnkey content management​
  • 24/7 Support​


  • Everything in premium +​
  • Email Marketing​
  • Targeted Social Ads to drive traffic​
  • List Building from social engagement​

The Company behind Aratag​

Pangea Rocks is one of Europe’s largest/ oldest and most experienced rockwork​and environment construction companies with a reputation for high standard​ and attention to detail. Pangea’s work can be seen in many international zoos,​aquariums as well as in theme-parks, museums, and entertainments centers.​

Pangea’s Rocks have a staff of over 25 outstanding programmers, designers, artists, and​ construction technicians with many years of international experience in the field​ of artificial rockwork and replication of other natural aquatic and land features.​

We provide full in-house design-build capacity: from conceptualization,​architectural planning and management, construction, project realization, and​special installations.​

​Pangea Rocks is deeply committed to creating meaningful, well-designed exhibits​ with particular attention to animal welfare and curatorial requirements.​

Pangea Rocks has been involved in the design and building of more than 750 Zoo,​ Museum and Aquarium exhibits worldwide. We have Offices in Denmark and Portugual and ​an office for Aratag in the USA.

Unique Interface​

Visitors will never get lost with Aratag! ​ By knowing their exact position on the map, they can easily navigate within the park/event or attraction.​

Push Notifications​

Quick shortcuts for events, shows and announcements via hotspots.​


Content can easily be changed to any language.​

​ “Near You” view​

Be informed of how far away you are from a point of interest.​

Rich Content​

Quick access to rich content with videos, pictures, descriptive text and additional info​.

Current Information​

Today’s events, park map, dining areas, opening hours, prices and more, is just a click away.​

We are excited to help you increase engagement!​

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