Holiday Jingle

Every year it seems like the holiday season gets commercialized more and started earlier by most retailers. That said, consumers get into the spirit and think about gifts as well as entertaining family visitors. The Conference Board forecasts average gift spending of $654 in the U.S., up +6.7% compared with last year.

Attractions can take full advantage of holiday gift giving with Aratag, a fully-integrated branded turnkey content management system tailored to attractions in a hand-held app that tells your unique story and connects with your guests.

Holiday gifts.

Yes, in most cases, your best chance of selling gifts is when your guests visit your attraction. The Aratag app enables you to showcase the range of holiday merchandise you have available. Families are looking for more educational, engaging, and memorable gifts. Your selection can be sorted to suit your strategy and distinctive position. For example, organize your gift range by age group (say, kids ages 3-8, teens, young adults, active travelers, etc.). Or perhaps emphasize the places in the world where your animals come from—like Africa, or the desert, or rain forests. This can make your gift collection more appealing as there is an educational component while also entertaining the gift giver and the recipient.

Holiday donations.

Many attractions are organized as non-profit entities, which provides another opportunity to tap into the holiday gift-giving frame of mind. Many households tend to focus on charitable giving at the end of the year to take advantage of tax deductions as well as to provide funds to the causes that they connect with most. The Aratag app can serve as another means of communicating with your attraction member base, particularly when they are entertaining family visitors during the holidays. You can create donation focused messaging and content to make a friendly yet compelling solicitation. Even after a visit, you can remind visitors that the holidays are a perfect time to help support their favorite non-profit attraction. You might even consider providing links to relevant educational content sources that resonate with your visitors—like protected species, global climate change, wildlife habitats, or conservation.

Become a member.

The holidays are a great time to boost your attraction members, those who visit often and closely align with your mission. Make your case with the benefits that you offer members during their holiday visit. Perhaps even provide a modest discount if they join by year-end. Or include an “early bird” offer to stimulate off-season visits or members-only shows or events. The revenue from members can be a significant boost to your year-end results and provide the capital for investments in your attraction assets and physical plant and equipment.

Holiday visits.

And of course, lots of families are looking for fun ways to entertain their guests during the holidays. Getting out of the house for a day where everyone can explore exhibits and enjoy a break from the hectic pace can be a memorable highlight.

The Aratag app makes it easy for you to feature content for each exhibit to improve guest engagement, promote learning, and make a stronger connection to your attraction. Even if your guests are in a bit of a hurry during their visit, they can replay those videos, images, and stories after they return home. So, consider making your digital content extra entertaining for the holidays.

End of year savings.   

This is not about Holiday discounts; this is all about cost savings which fall directly to your bottom line. Every year, attraction operators throw out old, obsolete maps. Our experience indicates that as many as 40% of printed maps are trashed. That is a lot of paper, ink, and trees wasted! Do your part to help preserve the planet by adopting the Aratag app where your attraction maps are always up to date. It’s better for your guests since all your map info is accurate and it’s better for your bottom-line since you avoid printing tens of thousands of maps, much of which end up in the dumpster. 

It’s easy, flexible, and dynamic.

We have built the Aratag app to help your guests get the most out of their holiday visit to your attraction. With customized and engaging maps, hours, directions, featured attractions, shows, food and beverage options, your guests will stay longer AND thoroughly enjoy their time with you. Plus, you can invite guests to “opt in” to your marketing list so you can notify them of coming special attractions or send them offers or discounts for repeat visits.

Don’t let your visitors miss a thing!

Want to learn more about delighting your guests with the Aratag app?

Holiday guests who use the Aratag app to get the most out of their visit will return to your attraction again. And they will tell their friends about how enjoyable their visit was. We do all the work to get you started and keep you going. We customize the app with your logo and brand standards PLUS the content that your visitors want and need. Easy for you to feature and manage all the content since we handle that for you in a dynamic manner.

Take the first step to a superior guest visit to your attraction today.

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