Build or Buy?

The leadership team at your attraction is keen on going digital. Maps, tickets, content, the works. You may have even seen other attractions launch some form of digital capability.

While you agree the concept of enhancing guest experience is a great goal, how do you get there? You could work with your IT team and ask them to build an app for the attraction. You could hire a digital marketing agency who has expertise with apps. Or you could go with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider that specializes in branded, turnkey digital experience software purpose built for attractions.

How to choose?

There are advantages to each approach, and the answer depends on what is most important for you as an attraction operator.

The IT teams at most attractions in our experience do not have the bandwidth, expertise, or skill sets to create a fully functional, responsive, and dynamic app that can meet your requirements. The developers, QA testers, project managers, and product managers in your company are dedicated, loyal, and work really hard. Creating industrial strength, robust, feature-rich apps is a challenge that may not be able to be funded given other competing priorities, let alone the capabilities of your in-house talent.

Going with your digital marketing agency may seem like a viable strategy. They know you and they have performed well creating digital and social campaigns. That said, do they have the available product development team that can dive in and get you up and running in an acceptable timeframe? And can they deliver the product you need at an affordable cost, with no delivery delays?

A third option is to move forward with a SaaS provider who brings demonstrated success, a wealth of experience, and a long list of clients. The benefits include getting to market in weeks not months or years; a much more affordable investment with no sacrifice to functionality or features; full control of your branding and user experience; plus the ability to customize content for your attraction that will delight your guests, improve engagement, and increase your revenues. Maintaining the software and testing before go live dates is handled for you.

It’s easy, flexible, and dynamic.

We have built the Aratag app to help your guests get the most out of their visit to your attraction. With customized and engaging maps, hours, directions, featured attractions, shows, rich content including videos and images, food and beverage options, your guests will stay longer AND thoroughly enjoy their time with you. Plus, you can invite guests to “opt in” to your marketing list so you can notify them of coming special attractions or send them offers or discounts for repeat visits.

Don’t let your visitors miss a thing!

Want to learn more about delighting your guests with the Aratag app?

Happy guests who use the Aratag app to get the most out of their visit will return to your attraction again and again. And they will tell their friends about how enjoyable their visit was.

We do all the work to get you started and keep you going. We customize the app with your logo and brand standards PLUS the content that your visitors want and need. Easy for you to feature and manage all the content since we handle that for you in a dynamic manner.

Focus on what you do best, which is run your attraction.

Take the first step to a superior guest visit to your attraction today.

1.    Hit “LET’S TALK” to schedule a free 30-minute conversation.
2.    We’ll provide real-world case studies showing the Aratag app in action.
3.    If you like what you hear, we can get started and have you up and running in no time.

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