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Savvy attraction operators know that the admission ticket purchase is just the beginning. Most guests bring their families to your attraction, and they make it a full day adventure. Take full advantage of the many ways to increase your revenues with Aratag, a fully integrated information system tailored to amusement venues in a hand-held app.

Show Tickets

Make sure that all the seats are occupied for each show each day. The Aratag app features show times, ticket prices, and show locations so that guests can get to the shows they want to see. Plus, with the “near me” functionality, guests will be on time for the start of the show.

Most guests want to see as many shows as they can to get the most entertainment value out of their visit to your attraction. With the Aratag app in their hands on their mobile device, guests can see when each show starts and then navigate there with ease.

Importantly, you can include show announcements with images or videos to stimulate show attendance. Perhaps you have a new animal (particularly if it is a large breed or a rare one like a giant panda), or your trainers have worked up a fresh new set of tricks. These tips can interest visitors and stimulate additional ticket sales before they leave the attraction.

For families with kids, rides or other fun activities are another revenue opportunity. Highlight the locations of those special events, along with times of operation. The kids will love the extra entertainment while the parents will enjoy the brief break. Or perhaps they will join their kids on the ride as well.

Food and Drink

Most guests stop at least once during their visit to get lunch or grab a snack and refuel. Show the locations and hours for all food service options at your attraction. Include menus and promote your specials to encourage guests to stop by and purchase food for the family.  


Don’t forget to leverage the Aratag app to identify the locations of all your gift shops on the property. The profit margins for merchandise are attractive, and the dollars spent can significantly increase your revenues for each guest.

It’s Easy, Flexible, and Dynamic

We have built the Aratag app to help you get the most revenue from each guest’s visit to your attraction. With customized and engaging maps, hours, directions, featured attractions, shows, food and beverage options, your guests will spend more AND thoroughly enjoy their time with you. Plus, you can invite guests to “opt in” to your marketing list so you can notify them of coming special attractions or send them offers or discounts for repeat visits.

It is expensive to operate your attraction! Don’t let extra income fall through your fingers.

With the Aratag app, you can boost revenues while improving guest satisfaction!

Want to learn more about delighting your guests with the Aratag app?

Happy guests who use the Aratag app to get the most out of their visit will return to your attraction again. And they will tell their friends about how enjoyable their visit was. We do all the work to get you started and keep you going. We customize the app with your logo, and brand standards PLUS the content that your visitors want and need. Easy for you to feature and manage all the content since we handle that for you in a dynamic manner. Delight your guests and increase your revenues.

Take the first step to a superior guest visit to your attraction today.

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