Full setup with content creation (2 languages).

For up to 50 POI

We will setup the system with content.
Average Aratag users gets 28 minutes of information.

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One app to know it ALL

Aratag is a fully-integrated information system featuring a CMS and universal app that visitors download to their smart devices. With the power of Aratag’s underlying client CMS system, zoos, aquariums, museums, and other tourist attractions can craft customised, site-specific app content for their visitors.

Aratag gives visitors the right information, in the right place, at the right time. And for you Aratag provides insight about our visitor, his interests and visiting habits - we will provide you with full analytics information to ensure your better performance.


Give your visitors just the information they need, when they need it and where they need it.

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First 3 months for setting up and introduction.
Free content creation of 50 POI (2 languages) *.
2 Pull-up banners - translation available
App & CMS feature updates
Dashboard Access
Video Tutorials & Help Centre
1 year license with a basic 250.000 downloads
Promotional material [stickers & digital content]
20 Beacons (if needed)
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Plus everything from basic
Unlimited POI (4 languages)
Personalised promo content
Full turnkey content management
24/7 Support

* We only create text content for Zoo’s, Aquariums, Botanic gardens and national parks.

Aratag Network

Our team feels honoured and excited to welcome new Aratag members!

Aratag Features

Aratag enables a new dimension to your visitors' experience!

Unique Interface

Ensuring high level user experience and allowing easy profile management.

Push Notifications

Quick shortcuts for events, shows and announcements via hotspots.


Content can easily be changed to any language.

Near You view

Be informed of how far away you are from near you point of interest.

Rich Content

Quick access to rich content with videos, pictures, describing text and additional info

Current Information

Today's events, park map, dining areas, opening hours, prices and more, is just a click away.