Add a new dimension to your visitor experience with the Aratag app

Aratag is a fully-integrated information system featuring a CMS and universal app that visitors can download to their smart devices. Give your visitors just the information they need, when they need it and where they need it - in a responsive design on their mobile devices.
Custom content

Designed using text, images, video and audio to deliver an enhanced and more enriching visitor experience.

Locations & Directions

Visitors using the Aratag app can view their current location on maps, find directions to exhibits and restrooms, explore food and beverage options, and much more.

Updates & Notifications

Quick shortcuts for events, shows and announcements via hotspots.

Create and Update content

When your visitors use the application, they will be presented with updated information about the different point of interests. Aratag is integrated with the award-winning content management system, Umbraco, making it easy for you as editor to customize the application and, most importantly, to easily create, update and publish content.

Easily to Maintain and Edit

The combination of a content management system and a user driven application allows you to present updated content to your visitors and add an entirely new dimension to their visit at your attraction by offering visitors a digital experience of your attraction.

Success stories

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by the product we carry. Great partnerships and happy customers is what we aim for.
I have been making the content for Varde Miniby - I found it very simple to update it.
Without having any computer background I could produce videos and provide maps. I'm still surprised of how easy and fast it is to maintain our profile on the Aratag app.
Mia Linding Møller Content Manager for Varde Miniby, Denmark
Very supportive and interactive platform - easy to work with. After we became a part of Aratag family we feel much closer to our visitors.
Joel Ellis Safari Director
Aratag app provided us with a deeper information of our visitors' needs. It inspired and helped our aquarium to create more graphical information about our points of interest and to attract more attention from our visitors.
Vanessa Gibbs Marketing Manager

Aratag is a fully packed practical tool of premium built and design. Let your creativity loose and start building your digital experience now.

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