Aratag is now live

Add a new dimension to your visitor experience with the Aratag app – for museums, parks and tourist attractions of all kinds.

The Arartag CMS features a user-friendly drag and drop interface for rapid startup and ongoing implementation of updated content. Aratag makes it easy for zoos, aquariums, museums and other attractions to create site-specific content using text, images, video, and audio. The app then displays this content to visitors according to their GPS or beacon locations.

Aratag is a fully-integrated information system featuring a CMS and universal app that visitors download to their smart devices.

The app runs automatically when it detects a nearby facility using the Aratag system via IBeacon or GPS. With the power of Aratag’s underlying client CMS system, zoos, aquariums, museums and other tourist attractions can craft customized, site-specific app content for their visitors.

Aratag gives visitors the right information, in the right place, at the right time. As visitors approach the lion exhibit at a zoo, for instance, the Aratag app automatically displays information about the lions on their smart devices. Content can be custom-designed using text, images, video and audio to deliver an enhanced and more enriching visitor experience.

Visitors using the Aratag app can view their current location on maps, find directions to exhibits and restrooms, explore food and beverage options, and much more.