Discover the new app

Aratag App features:

  • Dynamic indoor mapping.
  • Room and exhibit location via beacon technology.
  • Outdoor mapping with GPS.
  • Multi-language support (unlimited).
  • Administrator interface with the ability to hide and publish content.
  • Onboarding for end users.
  • Homepage customisation with backgrounds, logos and thumbnails.
  • Create quick shortcuts for events, shows and announcements via hotspots.
  • Create POIs with content, images, audio and video. Define POIs on your facility premises, in exhibits, and on maps.
  • Users can save and view their favourite POIs in the app. Create and manage events – and display specific events to defined user groups.
  • Configure event times, frequency and dates. Collect data about individual and general user habits and interactions.
  • Learn where visitors are spending their time and which exhibits are most popular.
  •  Collect information on users, including name, age, gender, contact information, etc. 
  • View heat mapping of visitor flows and real-time visitor distribution. 
  • Notify app users of events times, e.g. 15 minutes before events/shows begin. 
  • Designate selected staff as a “POI” to enable introductions to visitors by text/video. 
  • The “Near you” function highlights nearby POIs. 
  • Collect and analyze feedback from users. 
  • Embed content from your external website, including video, audio and images. 
  • Display general information, including opening hours, admission prices, parking options, etc. 
  • Send notifications to users, both during and after their visit. 
  • All content is available offline once it has been opened (downloaded). 

Aratag is designed with agile adaptability to integrate any new features sought by our clients – and we welcome any and all suggestions for further enhancing user experiences with the app